“Look, it’s done. It’s on film. I think we gotta keep remembering: whatever we do is fine, it’s perfect, it’s the movie.”

i think this is probably the best way to look at the past; whatever just happened, whatever has happened.

but then, i’ve apparently avoided even minor tragedies in my own life thus far (knock upon wood), so i have to wonder if i’m being rather insensitive, even smug. like a richie preaching the irrelevance of capital.

when i learn to draw i’m gonna do a self-portrait: i’ll be in a glass house.

the quote is from Albert Brooks’ first movie, Real Life. it’s a mockumentary made in 1979. he plays the director documenting a year in the life of a Phoenix family. and guess who plays the father in the family. Charles Grodin, that’s who.

yes, it’s awesome. but i’m an Albert Brooks guy. i’ve probably seen Defending Your Life, like, 20 times. i love it, just hilarious. but i can’t expect you to feel the same. and to a certain extent i’m living as i am because of watching his Mother a bunch of times a few years back.

“It’s all science!”