all of these dreams is just: the scene is set, and then a major disruption is introduced, justified, and keeps me from pursuing my purpose – both the one set up in the beginning of the scene and to awaken (though the disruption can be especially helpful in prodding awakening also – in tipping off that it’s a dream) till i finally get fed up and the scene changes (very much like Stay Tuned, the John Ritter vehicle).

there are the large areas like museums or huge warehouses but never really large open areas, always fenced off within, or sectioned off by stuff as would be in Sam’s. or the boundary is made up of “everyone i know” – i always think i’m at a party then in these dreams. they are my I’s? very much like Dream Gate.

there are also the narrow “shanty” shoddy passageways often. these are more about me being pursued perhaps. while the others, the larger areas are more about encountering a dream-character foe, like the shark the other night. narrow passageway is stage 2? it’s arrived at by greater awareness, awakening within the dream: when i become able & interested in free movement or escape, the environment closes in tighter and i am actively pursued rather than only pestered.

there is a correlation to the day-to-day waking world. if each instance of dawn-awakening to night-slumbering day is taken as a single dream of itself. (the dream/purpose is to write and all the maneuvering & avoidance that must be done in order to do so)

reminds of that blog i did about Revolver. the larger the cage, the tamer the captive…