on the embarrassingness of these relentless pop love songs

i swear i’m trying not to; i was really close on that last one. it’s like i’m being tested to prove i’ve got nothing to lose. well, guess what

there’s still a couple more even.

what can i say, i need the prompts. there’s a lot i want to write about. and even more i can write about. but i need some seemingly external magnetic to help organize and focus it all. otherwise i’m just lock-jawed agape, staring at this oceanic mass of potential, befuddle & anxious over how in the world to arrange disconnected semblances to reflect the infinite interconnectedness of the whole everything

we assure you, we do exercise discretion in the selection of such postings

the way this stuff used to so easily sink me

i’ve done both – the repressed and the over-expressed. more of the latter though is it comes more naturally to me, to all of us frankly. and that’s why i concentrate more on point out its fallacy. because it has the high ground of inevitability. these feelings must be expressed. so no matter how strenuously one tries to hold out against the constant pulling, the constant imploring of the other, there’s no real question who will finally win in the end. and that’s the ultimate conceit & deceit that’s really ruining everything.

the only way to find that balance is to understand yourself enough. and here’s the great news: studying science & such can be great help in this regard, or even hardly any at all really. because ultimately science is only very good for getting you started with its generalization. it all becomes rather shockingly individual in the end. so if science doesn’t work for, no big deal. perhaps characters in stories will help. or anyway ultimately self-study is all you need. the craving will remain till both cause & effect are understood, and that means tracing it back to its source. only then will the craving begin to slow to trickle and dry, die.