so my guess is the concept of the magic or flying carpet as a larger-than-life character grew out of the very real use of such carpets as tools for, places of meditation.

reminds me of Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves pulling out his little rug to pray on at sunset.

the carpet gets charged with a specifically intentioned energy – similar to how a bed tends to encourage sleep. the way ancient graveyards can still emanate ghostly feelings even when they’ve been topographically reformed & modernized, perhaps into that strangely spooky neighborhood nook, where that weird guy and those mean kids and the always-empty house lives.

when you use the same spot or item for the same purpose, it begins to anticipate your intentions, becoming more compliant. think of “breaking in” shoes & such; or training a pet or your own (pet) body; the way samurai revered their ancient swords; or if you’ve ever seen The Natural, this is basically the poorly-understood-by-persons reality they’re communicating first through the providential & careful crafting of Redford’s own bat and then replacing it with the even more powerful bat so carefully-consciously-intentionally constructed by the hopeful-imaginative-trusting child.

magic hour – because of the quality of light. and guess what everything that’s anything is made out of light, but not just static or stagnant light, oscillating or fluctuating light. hence you, like the light, are different at different times of day. and also, not only are things certain ways at certain times, but they are also potential ways at certain times and at other times such potential is perhaps increased dramatically or even magically.

the technology of prayer, the technology of Islam. quite simply, are they engaging their own creative & individual Self as a tool for exploration & interaction with god?