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the 1900s

as i drifted, floating from the shallows of slumber, emerging briefly into the brisk waking air, sinking back into sleep. over & over it played, sang, sayd. just over & over. the part that transitions:

Maybe I’m wrong – Maybe I’m not

‘I don’t believe I’ve ever told you
Something about my murderous mind
That it’s cold and kind and filled with hate
Like strange attractors that keep their shape over time’

maybe the only other time i can think of being so persistently, repetitively brow-beaten by a simple sequence when drifting as such was after seeing Dark Knight just last month and just all night long with the “why so serious?”, “why so serious?” it was like in the tv where i’d be laying there sleeping in my nightmare, tossing head back & forth, sweating, tangled in sheets, worrisomely muttering “why so serious, why so serious, why so serious?” and bolt up screaming “WHY SO SERIOUS!?!” it was out of control.

even moreso than that example just then. but i sure do love that line, and sure did need to hear it and love it because i had been being extremely prone to getting stuck in that ridiculous seriousness. oh it was not pleasurable no.

too bad only the homicidal maniac asks such a question though huh? meanwhile those superduper heroes and goodies are all furrowed brow frigid stupendous seriousity – hooray! i want to be one of those!

oh, but did you notice that bit about strange attractors in the song up there? well, they’re the coolest explainers of some of the weirdnesses of why it is as it is here in the land of is & interaction. we’re gonna write a perspective bout em just as soon as we do. we can’t wait. helpful

and they look
a-like-a this:

you’ll see!