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watched David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ the other night. it’s about an organic video game system that you port into the bottom of your spinal cord. the game system is grown from genetically engineered amphibians*. and it creates an entire virtual reality for your interactive gaming pleasure. it runs off the player’s body like a battery. it came out around the same time as The Matrix. the movies are similar in their dealing with multiple levels of reality, an important perspective to become acquainted with for sure. The Matrix is way more enlightening in its scope, but only eXistenZ has Jennifer Jason Leigh (crush almost) and Willem Dafoe (i once called him the greatest living actor – i’ve a tendency to get carried away). anyway, here’s my favorite quote:

“it’s your character who said it. it’s kind of a schizophrenic feeling, isn’t it? you’ll get used to it. there are things that have to be said to advance the plot and establish the characters, and those things get said whether you want to say them or not.”

people say things they don’t want to say, don’t really believe or regret saying all the time, right?

apparently Cronenberg, in writing this movie, was quite influenced by Philip K. Dick. i’ve never read any of his writings, and i feel quite silly for it. i’d like to. but aren’t there just so many things i’d like to do? lots of his stuff has been movied.

*some would say if you go back far enough human lineage extends into the ocean, making them amphibians of a sort; others would say humans have been genetically engineered or at least altered to an extent.